Our Company provides turnkey project entirely e.g. Dam Construction Project, Electric Generator’s Location Transferring Project, Industrial Construction Project, including abundant and huge quantity  freight e.g. Rice, Sugar, Ores, Electric Transformers, Electric Generators, Generators, Oils, and Vehicles.

 We provide turnkey project with turnkey operation, and coordinate both domestic and international service.

Sea Freight
Approximately 3-5 days for ASEAN Zone
Approximately 5-15 days for another ASIA Zone
Approximately 25-35 days for Europe and America Zones

Air Freight
Within 1 day for Asia Zone
Within 2-3 days for Europe and America Zone

Truck Freight to neighboring countries
Approximately 3-5 days for Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia

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– E-Mail: marketing@ioniclogistics.com
– Call: 0 2717 2691

We guarantee in maximum 5,000,000 THB (Terms and conditions as designated by the company)

– Calling: 0 2717 2691, and inform to Sales Team