Sea Freight

Sea Freight is the most valuable way for abundant quantity shipment, but it takes the longest time for shipment. Since our company provides our service as the international inbound and outbound shipping with main ports in the worldwide, and various containers for containing goods quantity of customer requirements appropriately. The minimum quantity in each shipment is one Cubic Meter; however, the quantity will be changed depending on the customer’s destination.

                Our company provides the shipment is various sizes including Less than container load, container load in various size from 20 feet, 40 feet, Special High Cube 40 feet, Reefer 40 feet size, Open top, Flat Rack, Dry containers, Artificial tween deck, and Bulk vessel. The customer can see these sizes of contain load as below. However, the container load size and weight in theses tables as below are preliminary estimated, the customer kindly asks with our staff whenever requesting the shipment because each shipment maybe services the difference of container loads and weights.

Open top
Type Size m3 ft3 Payload
20′ Open Top 20’x8’x8’6″ 32 1,143 25
40′ Open Top 40’x8’x8’6″ 66 2,255 27
Type Size m3 ft3 Payload
40′ high 40’x8’x9’6″ 63 2,250 26
Dry containers
Type Size m3 ft3 Payload
20′ standard 20’x8’x8’6″ 33 1,170 28.3
40′ standard 40’x8’x8’6″ 67 2,390 30.4
40′ high 40’x8’x9’6″ 76 2,714 30.4
45′ high 45’x8’x9’6″ 85 3,040 86
Type Size Payload
40′ fixed corner 40’x8’x8’6″ 25
40′ open end 40’x8’x9’6″ 40
40′ flush fold 40’x8’x9’6″ 39